We implemented a full-scale SEO and content marketing strategy for EcoTravel Adventures, a travel agency specializing in eco-friendly tours, to increase their online visibility and bookings.

Project Highlights

  1. SEO Audit and Strategy Development
    • Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to identify technical issues and content gaps.
    • Developed a custom SEO strategy focused on sustainable travel and eco-tourism keywords.
  2. Content Enhancement and Blog Strategy
    • Revamped existing content and added new, high-quality articles related to eco-friendly travel.
    • Implemented a blog strategy to engage potential travelers with tips, destination guides, and sustainability practices.
  3. Link Building and Social Media Integration
    • Enhanced the site’s backlink profile through targeted link building campaigns.
    • Integrated SEO efforts with social media platforms to boost engagement and direct traffic to the website.


  • Visibility Increase: Successfully increased the website’s search engine rankings for key terms, leading to a 60% boost in organic traffic.
  • Engagement Uplift: Enhanced content quality and consistency led to a 40% increase in user engagement and time spent on the site.
  • Booking Growth: Direct correlation seen with SEO efforts and a 30% rise in bookings, particularly for featured eco-tours.

This project demonstrates the impact of targeted SEO and content strategies in the travel industry, especially for niche markets like eco-tourism